Drill #3 Audition Mix

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Drill #1 Anchor and Delay


Anthony Heinz, a sophomore engineering science major, left, racks a set of billiard balls for a game of 8-ball at the SAC pool table on Jan. 30, 2017.


Aneeb Sidiqui, a sophomore business major, lines up a shot. A commuting student from Medford, Sidiqui plays pool or works out at the recreational center gym as stress relief.


Introduced to the game as a freshman, Sidiqui “fell in love” with billiards and now owns his own table. He plays about four times per week, whenever he has a gap between classes.

4_billiards_drillJason Lee takes aim on the cue ball in a two-on-two pool game. The table, renovated in December, is located directly above the Student Activities Center dining hall.